Halloween Nights at White Elephant Burlesque Wednesday

WHITE ELEPHANT BURLESQUE starring Miss October herself, HOLLY WEEN as part of 5 Weeks of Halloween
... $5 starting at 8pm

> featuring: Lefty Lucy | Teddy Turnaround | Esmerelda May | Man-ee Champagne | Crimson Kitty >>>>>>> hosted by Viktor Devonne | stage kitten: Lillian Bustle | door: Dick Jones >>>>>>> Jason, Joey, and Kiger pouring drinks all night

7pm: The Petra Fried Show
8:30pm: White Elephant Burlesque
10pm: American Horror Story w/ Misty Meaner & Mocha Lite
11pm: RockStrap: JockStrap Underwear Party

White Elephant Burlesque Halloween Nights Sep 30 - Oct 28th
every Wednesday at RockBar NYC