FAYMUZ DRAGUNZ w/ DJ Horrorchata and the AIDF NYC Ambassadors of Goodwill

  • Bizarre Bushwick 12 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States

The Austin International Drag Festival NYC Ambassadors of Goodwill present ...


Later this year a number of future Faymuz Dragunz from NYC will decend upon Austin, TX for the 2nd Annual Austin International Drag Festival to secure their international fame and stardom! But first these dragunz wanna get together to show Brooklyn some of what it's bringing to that international stage in Austin ... and maybe make some coin to help in their travels!

Showz by:

Chris of Hur
Crimson Kitty
Erika Klash
Goldie Peacock
Sasha Velour
Patti Spliff
Switch n' Play

DJ: Horrorchata !!!!!

emceez: Chris of Hur & Goldie Peacock

This event will also include a RAFFLE in which you can win pieces from:

Sasha Velour
Matthew DeLeon (Untitled Queen)
Chris Harris (Chris of Hur)
Goldie Peacock
Lee Valone

Those who pay to enter will automatically be entered into the raffle ... though more raffle tickets can be purchased to increase your chances!

$10 suggested donation

BIZARRE Bushwick - 12 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, NY

9:30 - doors
10:00 - shows!

*** All proceeds will go to directly help support NYC area drag performers that are participating in the 2nd Annual Austin International Drag Festival from April 28-May 1, 2016 ***